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Pixel art of an easel depicting Bliss, the Window XP default wallpaper
LinkFile sizeDescriptionDateSource material
1 / 2 992.08 KB / 1.02 MB Digital illustration of Khan with an overlaid map of the Moscow Metro merged with a diagram of the human lymphatic system. Version 1: with the overlay / V2: without 2023-07-12 Metro 2033
x 4.97 MB Digital illustration of two nosalises cuddling. Artyom looks on in disapproval. 2023-07-04 Metro 2033
x 6.52 MB Digital illustration of Pavel, the armourer from Exhibition, as he appears in the original Metro 2033 game (basically hipster Bourbon), offering the viewer a bastard gun. Artyom and Bourbon look on in confusion from the corner 2023-07-02 Metro 2033
1 / 2 6.28 MB / 6.07 MB Depiction of Caravaggio's Incredulity of Saint Thomas (1602) with Artyom (as St Thomas), Bourbon (as Jesus), Khan, and Ulman. V1: with body hair / V2: sandpapered, no hair; this version exists because I spent too long drawing that skin before remembering to also draw hair lol
Content warnings(s) 1: mild blood, injury / 2: injury
2023-06-27 Metro 2033
x 11.05 MB Digital illustration of Bourbon standing there, menacingly, with "go piss girl" written next to him, as well as another Bourbon existing there, not so menacingly, with a bunch of lasers pointed at him and "I don't think we can gaslight gatekeep girlboss our way out of this one" written around him. [I don't know why i made this one so obscenely large. sorry (to you and to me for eating into my storage. c'est la vie i guess)] 2023-06-12 Metro 2033

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