hi you can call me ased ^_^. i made this website on 2022 June 30 and am still a newbie to html and css, plus i'm still figuring out what to do with this site! everything is still super deep in the "work in progress" stage, but i'm getting around to making the stuff i wanna! in the meanwhile, feel free to peruse what is here so far....

Ased Status Report:

What I've been listening to: Pacific Daydream - Weezer

LINK: youtube || LENGTH: 44m 51s

NOTE: also like this remix a lot (its of the whole album!)

What I've been reading: Doctor Zhivago - Boris Pasternak

STARTED: 2023 Jun 29 || CURRENTLY ON: Book 1 Pt 1

NOTE: finally starting reading this after checking it out from library a week ago ^_^. the copy i picked up has got a foreword with a crashcourse in the relevant history which is nice. didn't get too far into it yet but im working on it B). keeping a musty dictionary and not musty copy of the bible that i got for free many a year ago to look up vocabulary and quoted passages

What I've been playing: Metro: Last Light Complete Edition - 4A Games

STARTED: 2023 May 19 || COMPLETED: 2023 May 31

NOTE: got it for free on steam on May 18, was free until May 25 for the game's 10th birthday. currently working on getting the achievements. got the bad/c'est la vie ending on first play through, got the good/redemption ending on a second playthrough. thinking of writing about it on this webbed site...

this website was made by ased (that's me :D).

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